Becoming Digitally Resilient: The Switch to Always-On Services:


IT is expected to ‘keep the lights on’ and spur business growth in today’s dynamic and digital-first business environment. Consumers and employees expect user experiences that mimic the seamless digital experiences they have in their personal lives. As organizations continue to adapt and evolve in the new hybrid workplace, IT needs to de-risk and automate digital operations by detecting, deciphering, and redressing critical incidents from right within the service desk.

Through this event, Redstar Asia Solutions, Inc. in association with Freshworks is bringing forth some amazing tips on how you can deliver uninterrupted business operations.

The session will provide insights into:

  • Salient features of a right-sized solution
  • Extending IT to other business functions
  • Breaking silos with unified IT Operations Management
  • Success stories of always-on organizations

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