Field sales representatives are the closest connections to retailers, distributors and the market; they play a significant role in the sales process of an organization, especially in the case of Consumer goods industries. An FMCG company demands high-quality output from field teams that help bring revenue.

Thankfully, with the evolution of SFA technology, field sales apps have made it incredibly convenient for organizations and sales teams to execute their field sales and marketing operations. A mobile field sales app aids the sales operations of the organization by providing better control over the ground execution. Today, businesses demand real-time results, and the Mobile Field Sales App delivers the same by digitising, automating and augmenting sales workflows empowering sales reps to stay connected in real-time and get the most out of every transaction they have during field visits.

Interestingly, this is just the tip of the iceberg! The benefits of using a Mobile Field Sales App by FMCG companies are extensive. Let’s check them out.

Benefits of using Mobile Field Sales App

1.Sales Automation and Digitisation:

Physical attendance, referring to data entries, receiving & forwarding the orders, carrying a record of leads over notebooks are now a thing of the past. Go digital with a field sales app, and automate monotonous sales tasks for real-time connection between sales reps, retailers and distributors for streamlined secondary sales execution.

2.Aligned Ground Execution:

Most companies fail to achieve their business goals due to misaligned execution by field reps on companies GTM strategy. A mobile field sales app not only enables the company to track and monitor the field activities but also drives the ground execution of company strategy. Besides giving complete process automation across GT, MT and B2B, a Goal-Driven CRM SFA Platform like BeatRoute perfectly aligns with a company’s field business goals and helps sales teams achieve the same by converting them into bite-size targets in the app.

3.Aids Trade Marketing:

A mobile field sales app provides insights about outlet revenue, sales reps performance and utilization of schemes and offers.  It plays a significant role in monitoring sales through visual merchandising campaigns. Additionally, a mobile field sales app enables FMCG companies to execute retail profiling, aiding general as well as modern trade marketing. Moreover, a mobile field sales app makes market expansion marginally easier by conducting pre-activation viability tests.

4.Problem Solving with AI Assistance:

Even though the field sales app provides numerous reports and charts, it is challenging for the company to manually analyze data and identify areas of growth in the GTM strategy. With actionable intelligence, provided in new-age mobile field sales apps, it has become much easier for companies as it informs the potential problems in field execution and nudges the sales managers into actions to solve the problems.

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5. Improved Customer Relationship Management: 

Today, customers no longer believe in the process of ‘buying.’ They’ve upgraded to a level that they want to understand the value of products they are getting before an actual purchase is made. Moreover, the quality of customer services also plays a significant role in influencing sales. 

Creating value for the customers can be a gigantic task, a new age Mobile Field Sales app with CRM capabilities like BeatRoute’s Goal Driven CRM SFA allows your sales teams to win customers in B2B or HoReCa channels through complete workflow automation, lead management and post-conversion relationship management in a single interface.

This way, it allows a quick go-through of all the details collected over the last meeting. Their taste & preferences and the product or services that they would prefer. All these factors, combined, play a significant role in winning the customer’s trust and improving the customer relationship in the process.

6. Insightful Planning & Execution: 

Following up with interested prospects or getting in touch with your clients can be a pretty mammoth task, as your team grows. Further, keeping relevant tabs on all your clients becomes a lot harder with scalability. However, with the right mobile field sales, your team can easily align your sales reps with their client’s schedules. 

This way, Mobile Field Sales applications help you scale your business in reliable ways, the results of which are increased productivity & revenues generated.

7. Improves Sales Behaviour: 

Consistent sales behaviour ensures better sales. New age mobile field sales apps like BeatRoute can help FMCG companies improve sales behaviour through input based gamification i.e sales reps are rewarded points and medals for exercising good sales behaviour.  This not only enables the company to get insights about employee performance and learning needs but it also fosters employee engagement.

8. Intuitive Alerts and Nudges: 

As the sales process involves various stakeholders such as sales reps, retailers and distributors, it is challenging to keep them up to date with real-time market trends and challenges for their product. An advanced mobile field sales app like BeatRoute eliminates a company’s headache of manual data crunching to generate reports and dashboards. It rather runs an AI-based CuesBOT which runs analysis in the background to generate real-time consumable insights for field managers in the form of cues to let them take action on the challenges in their field sales execution. These insights and nudges inform a company and field managers to tackle field execution problems such as low revenue from outlets, low visit adherence, sudden sales drops etc. for progressing sales growth.

9.Intelligent Route Planning: 

Generally, sales-reps have to move around multiple locations to execute their daily tasks. It may not be possible for them to plan the best route every day. A field sales app with route optimization capabilities helps calculate the logistically most efficient way for covering the stores in a territory, along with the number of resources required to cover all routes in a streamlined fashion for more face time and low travel time.

10. Order Taking & Maximization: 

Along with digitization of order management, a mobile field sales app reduces the time to record orders, enhances order size through auto-suggestion of schemes thereby maximizing order sizes. Moreover, it aids sales reps in upselling and cross-selling through various trade & promotional offers. A mobile field sales app also ensures swift claim and return management.

To sum up, having real-time access to the company’s GTM Strategy, Retail & Distribution Network, Visit Schedule, Trade & Promotional Offers, Loyalty etc. allows your sales team to yield better results with improved productivity. 

Lastly, finding an ideal mobile field sales application to execute operations for your FMCG business can be a daunting task, especially with the flooded variety of options available in the market. BeatRoute is one of the leading companies for mobile field sales app that provides companies with a goal-driven approach to align their ground activities with business goals, thereby driving growth. Further, this application’s intuitive UI saves time for your sales rep team to adapt and overcome the challenges of adoption, making it a reliable application for FMCG & Consumer Goods Brands.

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